Costa Rican Mushrooms

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Costa Rican Mushrooms are a favorite of many of our customers. They are light, airy and delicious. We recommend using them in soups, egg dishes and pasta sauces.Costa Rican Mushrooms are grown in rich volcanic soil and hand-picked at their most flavorful. The result is a delicious, healthy, full-flavored mushroom on the table in minutes.

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Costa Rican Mushrooms

Costa Rican mushrooms have a unique, earthy aroma that is loved by chefs worldwide. Their texture is firm and their flavour enhances many dishes. These wild mushrooms are harvested in Costa Rica, picked at the right moment, and shipped to you so they stay fresh. Our Costa Rican Mushrooms are hand-picked, fresh, and delicious. We promote local agriculture by making our products with the finest local ingredients available. Buy Costa Rican Mushrooms Online

Our mushrooms come from remote mountain regions in the central highlands of Costa Rica where they are picked by local farmers. The mushroom are carefully gathered using traditional natural agriculture methods so that they do not damage the environment. This Mushrooms is a family-run partnership that bring you the freshest and highest quality dried mushrooms.

We offer a full line of shiitakes, porcini and others, sourced directly from our farm located in Costa Rica and processed in our facility on Ometepe Island. Our experience with cultivating medicinal and gourmet mushrooms, coupled with our extensive knowledge on organic cultivation, has enabled us to produce some of the world’s finest mushrooms. Mushrooms are an excellent source of B vitamins and potassium. They are also a source of antioxidants, including selenium and beta carotene. costa rica mushrooms psilocybin​

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal In Costa Rica?

With a country as hot as Costa Rica, it’s no wonder people are interested in finding out if magic mushrooms are legal. The answer is yes! It may take you some time to figure out how to get them and there isn’t much information on the English language internet yet but we have you covered with that too. We will also let you know exactly where to buy magic mushroom in Costa Rica with our top guide given here. Buy Costa Rican Mushrooms Online

Magic mushrooms are still a mystery to most people, because unlike marijuana and other drug use, it’s not as illegal. This particular drug is also not fatal; in fact it can be used as medicine. But, they are still illegal to possess and sell in These Area.

The legal status of magic mushrooms in Costa Rica is not clear. While the sale and consumption of psilocybin mushrooms is illegal (and carries harsh penalties), it is generally believed that there may be a loophole in the law that allows for indigenous tribes to perform their traditional ceremonies. costa rica mushrooms psilocybin​

What Kinds Of Mushrooms Grow In Costa Rica?

There are many quantities of mushroom species which are found all over the world. They grow in different parts in Costa Rica. Some of them grow on the soil, some on dead trees and some on dead logs, etc. In this article, we will discuss about some of these mushrooms which you can find growing in Costa Rica and all other countries near it. Buy Costa Rican Mushrooms Online

There are many different kinds of mushrooms that grow in Costa Rica. Some of the most common ones are Oyster, King Brown and Lion Cub. You can find some of them growing on trees, under rocks and on mounds in tropical forests.

Mushrooms are part of a large group of organisms called fungi. Like other types of fungi, edible mushrooms such as portabella mushrooms and shiitakes contain protein, B vitamins and sometimes calcium. Many people buy them dried in the produce section of grocery stores, although most of these varieties are imported from China or Europe.

Do Morel Mushrooms Grow In Costa Rica?

Morel mushrooms grow in Costa Rica! In fact, all over the world. Although you can find morels that are cultivated for sale, many people like to hunt for them, as it is a fun way to spend a day outdoors with friends or family. They grow in most of the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere. The black morel (Morchella importuna) is the most common of all species, but there are many other varieties like pink, yellow and white.

Best Online Store To Buy Costa Rican Mushrooms

We at specializes in exotic mushrooms, a wide selection including psilocybe cubensis, psilocybe azurescens, psilocybe semilanceata, and more. Experience the positive effects of psilocin with our Costa Rican Mushrooms!All of our mushrooms are grown organically and non-GMO (genetically modified).

We also have some special strains you can’t find anywhere else, including the famous Captain Cody’s cookies. We have one of the best overall customer satisfaction ratings on the web at 99% positive feedback. Why buy Costa Rican Mushroom from We offer the highest quality of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms and our prices are great! Our Costa Rica Mushroom are hand picked and shipped fast to your doorstep. costa rica mushrooms psilocybin​


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23 reviews for Costa Rican Mushrooms

  1. trent

    Very nice

  2. toy kub

    Yup, just like I remember from the good old days. Did this stuff really just come in the mail? Man, times have changed.

  3. margarita

    Pretty good quality experience

  4. broderick


  5. koby

    My bad , I thought it was stronger! But it gave me exactly what the description has said!

  6. patsy

    Worked very well.

  7. jammie ferry

    Hoping for more hallucinating qualitys. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction for that!?

  8. austin

    Great quality. I have a very introspective journey that illuminated a great deal of myself. Highly recommend.

  9. gregorio braun

    Gentle power.

  10. zelda

    Definitely a great high, experienced light visuals / tracers, and a nice body high!

  11. emmie rohan

    Costa Rican

  12. abigayle prosacco


  13. danial botsford

    Excellent product

  14. brooke lebsack

    Pretty good stuff

  15. isobel bogan

    If there could be ten stars, that would be it

  16. mathilde

    Mystical buzz

  17. shawn wuckert

    Light and fun!

  18. rashawn

    Loved these

  19. alexandria

    My all time fav!!

  20. hailie goodwin

    Second time with this strain great experience

  21. mack gislason

    I didn’t try them yet. I’ve been buying 3.5’s and with that lower amount I can’t get as high and my friends can’t get the same trip

  22. mohammad muller

    Good trip 👍🏽

  23. kelvin

    I did these alone and I was able to have some relaxing, reflection time to connect to myself.

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