India Orissa Magic Mushrooms


India Orissa Magic Mushrooms in Oregon USA – Entheomycologist John Allen found the Orissa India magic mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Orissa India), a large-growing cubensis that originated from elephant dung, close to the border between the east Indian state of Bihar and Nepal. This species has a very high potency and produces effects like severe body vibrations and visual hallucinations. On Shroomery and Mycotopia, you may read what other people have to say about Orissa India Magic Mushrooms. Elephant dung gives birth to a very enormous developing cubensis that is reputed to be among the largest. . Stems are long, pale, and cylindrical, and caps are broad and pale yellow with a dark brown mark in the center. orissa cubensis spores for sale​. Buy India Orissa Magic Mushrooms

Effects India Orissa Magic Mushrooms

. Visuals are frequently powerful.

Dosage India Orissa Magic Mushrooms

It’s a little difficult to dose any P. cubensis than most people seem to assume. The user’s weight, whether the mushrooms are fresh or dried, and the level of experience they desire can all be used to calculate[iii] a basic dose However, the issue is that potency can vary from mushroom to mushroom, even within a single strain, and human sensitivity might also differ. Always start out with a little dose and adjust from there.

How to Grow Orissa India Shrooms

Because of their enormous and appealing size, ease of cultivation, and inherent potency, Orissa India shrooms are among the most well-liked among growers. This strain colonizes quickly, making it less susceptible to mold growth than most. India Orissa Magic Mushrooms in Oregon USA. orissa cubensis spores for sale​

In the event that you become trapped after one or two flushes, this strain reacts well to ice water baths.

Similar Strains

Due to the popularity of the Orissa India strain among growers and consumers of magic mushrooms, many individuals look for substitute strains that offer a comparable growing or eating experience. orissa cubensis spores for sale​



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